Thursday, 6 May 2010

EBACE 2010

EBACE 2010 looks like being a huge success, at least in terms of numbers. The second biggest ever in terms of attendance they say.

It's a strange show in what to many is a strange industry. The sector is driven by people who will pay HUGE sums of money to get somewhere on their terms, in stratospheric levels of comfort and in a relatively short time. The halls are filled with people in suits, some of them kindly bringing along their attractive nieces, most of them keeping their hands well and truly on their wallets.

There was a lot of positive talk. Sales people trying their best to talk up their prospects, senior managers searching for the smallest signs of the beginning of a recovery and the organisers talking up the entire industry.

Of course the bears were there too - Richard Aboulafia spoke of a recovery delayed until 2019, and other observers, while being less pessimistic, were talking about stagnant sales for a year or so. We'll see how 2010 kicked off when GAMA releases its first quarter numbers next week.
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