Monday, 24 May 2010

French VFR maps

The first time I flew to France I bought all of the half-mil charts. there were four of them, and as I was to discover, they only cover airspace up to 5,000' agl. I found them confusing and cluttered. Every year I'd buy another four, and every year I'd study them, gradually getting used to their style. I also discovered the VFR pack which was a useful supplement coming with a small guide book and some additional charting too. For all of its charm, flying in France seemed to take a fair few bits of paper.

Then a few years ago I discovered a new chart - 'France VFR Jour' - it is 1:1,000,000 and covers the entire country by being printed on both sides. It's packed with useful information yet manages to be clearer than the IGN half-mil charts. For VFR flight in France I no longer bother with anything else.

I picked up a 2010 copy in Dijon last week (the paper has got thinner and the price has gone up), but I think it's still the best chart for France by a French country mile, err kilometre.

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