Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A GA day

Today was a GA day. Meetings, visits etc. It involved six legs and a couple of airfields (Kemble and Gloucester). Total flight time only came to 1.3 hours or about £110 worth of fuel to which can be added £68 worth of landing fees.

Three of us ended up having lunch at Kemble's AV8, even after reading a thread on the FLYER forums. I'm happy to say that the service was fairly quick, (there was the occasional smile) and the food (an uncomplicated, non-gastro bacon and egg bap) was fine for what it was.

Although for me the day was all about work, the actual flying times and destinations were similar to many recreational GA days out - which is a bit worrying, a bacon bap, and couple of landings struggle to look like good value for the best part of £200.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in the process of revalidating and getting my hours in so that I get to keep my licence for another two years. The reason I'm doing so little flying compared to when I started is the cost (of course). I've given up trying to look for "value for money" in terms of £xxx for a bacon bap. ...And yet, on Monday I flew along the Solent and then to White Waltham. Terrific views, cheerful ATC, and all went exactly to plan. The priviledge of flight and the experience is worth every penny.