Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Longer life Thielert

Thielert has just announced that the TBR (Time Between Replacement) for the 2.0 135hp engine has been increased to 1,500 hours. This is very good news for owners as the previous maintenance schedule called for a 1,200hr inspection at the factory in Germany, necessitating the removal and shipment of the engine.

I recently had a chance to fly behind Thielert's latest version of its 2.0 litre engine, the 2.0s. This is the 155hp engine that Cessna was going to use in the now suspended C172TD. I only got a single flight snapshot, and the engine performed flawlessly throughout, but history shows us that it sometimes takes a little longer, and some fleet hours, before any problems manifest themselves, although it has to be said that the 2.0 engine is slowly building a good reputation, and that the 1.7 litre engine didn't do too badly in individual owner's hands.

Thielert's biggest challenge is now one of reputation. After a bad start this is slowly rebuilding, but aviation is a conservative market and the company will either need lots of time or a buyer with a respected name.

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