Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Time for a 50 hour check

There's no such thing as a 50 hour check for N reg. aircraft, but in common with most N reg owners I like to change the oil, gap and clean the plugs and have a good look around under the cowling (and elsewhere) every fifty flying hours or so.

I'm not an A&P (US licensed engineer) so while there are some things that I can do there are plenty of things that I can't, but luckily my engineer is more than happy to have me help, and to be on hand to advise and check.

A couple of flying hours ago the CHT gauge started misreading. I had hoped that the connection to the probe would be faulty, but it it looked good - so it's either the probe (likely) or the gauge itself (less likely). Without borrowing another probe I can't think of an easy way of finding out which is faulty, perhaps the guys over at CPA will have an idea, failing that I guess I'll order a new probe to see if that does the trick.

Getting involved, as much as my time and ability allow, has really improved the aeroplane ownership experience for me - and if I was subject to the wallet crippling business of maintaining an aircraft with no chance of any involvement, I'd have sold up ages ago.

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