Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Was that a landing?

Even though I say so myself, I'd rate most of my C182 landings as acceptable or above. They're fully held off and the stall-warner is usually playing its tune when the wheels meet the tarmac/grass/whatever. I don't get stressed by crosswinds, slopes or cambers and I enjoy shorter or more challenging strips.

So why, on a day like today with no wind, an empty circuit, three or four times more tarmac than I need and a stabilised approach did I bounce my way to what can only be described as an ugly landing?

At least it was Monday and the airfield was empty(ish) so my arrival wasn't a hugely public affair…

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Tony said...

It will be interesting to see any replies to your question! My worst was a broad expanse of field and no apparent pressure - but it was the return from a day trip to the Channel Islands - so a long day - to a large open airfield on a gentle dome of a hillside with few markers as to scale. My brain constantly deceived me as to height and distance and I went around twice I think, before being met by Customs, after taxying in - they'd come especially, and hidden behind a barn lest I depart with non-existent merchandise!