Monday, 3 May 2010

Wet, wet, wet

We were all going to fly to the Badminton Horse Trials yesterday. Unusually the TAF matched the METARs and the weather early on could only be described as pants. Rain, drizzle and a cloud base of between 200' and 500' at Lyneham.

The TAF had promised a clearance of sorts, but one of the conditions of landing at Badminton is that you are on the ground by 10.50. If the weather was working to the same timetable as the forecasters we would have just had time to fly - if it was a bit late we would have to set off late in the car.

In the end I decided not to bank on the accuracy of the TAF and we drove, missing the obvious - if it is too wet to fly, then it is too wet to spend the day watching horses jump over things and too cold to be wandering around a muddy outdoor department store.

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