Thursday, 24 June 2010


Off to AeroExpo to get the stand ready. It'll be interesting to see how the event feels. It's looking like a hot weekend, but apparently there's a football match on Sunday that may reduce the numbers.

If you're at the event drop by and say hello, we'll have cold (soft) drinks in the fridge.

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Duarte Fernandes Pinto said...

Last Friday (18-06-2010) I was obliged to make a Forced Landing on a beach in Portugal due to a problem that happened with one Jabiru (2200 series) during flight in my Pioneer 200 CS-UPK. The exhaust valve adjuster got loose inside cylinder head nÂș 3 leading to a partial loss of power and huge engine vibrations. The engine berth withstood the vibrations, otherwise this incident would have been fatal. The cause was human error in maintenance.
If you want to know more please follow these links and visit my blog, where I published pictures showing the airplane rescue and the engine parts that failed :
Forced Landing
Jabiru 2200 Engine Failure
I wish you all good flights ...