Sunday, 6 June 2010

Being a fuel fool (or not)

One of the challenges of strip flying is that there's not often fuel available. I have a good few airfields within 20 minutes or so, but I wouldn't really want to head for them without an hour's worth in the tanks.

A couple of days ago I flew back to the strip from Henstridge. I dipped the tanks before take-off and found that I had 13usg on board, enough for an hour and a quarter or so at my leisurely econo-cruise mode. Today, I planned a short trip to fill the tanks. According to my calculations, and according to my JPI fuel totaliser I had enough (which for me is enough to get somewhere, find the runway closed, get back, go-around and land off the second approach) but dipping the tanks with the fuelhawk gave a reading of between 0 and 5usg.

I very much doubt that any fuel has been stolen, and I'm pretty sure that it was in there sitting between some ridges in the fuel bladder, but even the most optimistic measure fell short of my comfort level so I turned around and went in search of some jerrycans instead.

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