Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cheaper than Ryanair?

Had a bit of business to do in France over the bank holiday weekend so three of us jumped in the C182 for the trip, stopping at Popham on the way for a tank of their excellent value avgas (£1.55 inc VAT - I know, it's mad to be calling £1.55 excellent value but it is the cheapest avgas for miles).

Thanks to a decent tailwind on the way, and a not quite so strong headwind on the way back, the round-trip took 2.6 hours during which we burned 110 of avgas, which, taking into account the yet-to-be-claimed drawback of £0.3835, works out at about £128 in total or just over £42 each - cheaper than most Ryanair flights.*

As an aside, the weather looked a bit pants locally when we turned up at the airport for the return flight, but the visibility over the sea was actually quite good.

*OK, that might not take into account landing fees, engine/prop funds, insurance, maintenance, cost of capital invested etc.

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