Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Longest day and CAVOK

The weather was stunning, there was plenty of fresh avgas in the tanks and to cap it all it was the longest day of the year - it was pretty hard to do anything other than go flying.

I've always wanted to fly to Lundy (a small island off the North Devon coast) and after a few emails arranged to meet Ian Quinn there. He'd be going via Dunkeswell to pick up some avgas on the way, and would be on the ground before I arrived. I've heard all sorts of stories about Lundy's runway. In fact it's not actually a runway, but part of a farmer's field. The information describes it as 400m of rough grass with rabbit holes and rocks and despite the C182 being a tough aeroplane, she's not as tough as Ian's taildragging C180. With Ian on the ground I hoped to get any information about any particularly nasty rough bits - and being from New Zealand he'd also be able to scare off any loitering ex-girlfriends/sheep.

The flight to Lundy in the early evening air was stunning and silky smooth. The almost unlimited visibility meant that Lundy was in sight while we had 25 mins of flying time left. Ian called to let me know that all was well and after a bit of a recce of the strip I landed on what actually turned out to be some half-decent grass.

The walk to the pub took in the old lighthouse and it was obvious that we'd have to return for a day or so in order to fully appreciate the island, a fact driven home as we ordered non-alcoholic drinks at the bar.

We landed back at our strip four hours after taking off - in that time we'd flown to Lundy and back, discovered a new place had a decent meal and enjoyed some great company.

Good stuff this aviation.

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