Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Old but good but broken

There's an old Skyforce Locator on the P2 yoke in the C182. Even though all it does is provide a single line of text with the aeroplane's location it is a great piece of kit. It's much loved by most non-pilots who sit in the front, but right now the screen is blank.

The Locator works by taking an NMEA feed from a GPS and figuring out where it is in relation to its internal database. It then provides a single line of text with a plain(ish) language description of its location.

The problem is, that since upgrading the 530 to a 530W it's not been possible to get the two talking (it worked fine with the 530). I'm hoping that Garmin can provide a simple answer, and that it's just a setting somewhere in the unit's RS232 set up page - but if it's not possible I'll be looking for an alternative something or other to put on the yoke - I thought about an 'Aware' but I do a fair bit of Euro touring and I'd get a blank look alongside the blank screen about twenty miles into France. Any ideas?


Daniel said...

Something cheap running PocketFMS! Don't know if you've tried it but it's one of the better VFR things I've tried.

Andy Hawkins said...

How about an old PDA or mobile phone with built in GPS running something like Memory Map or SkyDemon InFlight?


Ian Seager said...

Thanks, if I can't get the Skyforce Locator working I'll explore both of those options - although I always seem to struggle getting stuff like that working on PDAs.