Thursday, 17 June 2010


Looking for something other than the usual French destinations for a quick day trip or weekend? After a recent trip I'm happy to suggest Rouen.

Sitting a few miles inland from the Normandy coast, Rouen is about as close as Le Touquet for many of us. The airport is typical of many in France, which is to say that it has a Tower and an instrument approach for what seems like one commercial flight a week. The 'bureau de piste' was empty for a recent visit, so I have no idea what the landing fee will be, but I'm not expecting anything significant.

The airport sits a little way away from the town centre, so you may need to find the number for a taxi company, but once in the centre of town you'll find plenty of old buildings, shops, museums and of course the famous cathedral to keep you busy. If you're an art lover there's an Impressionist exhibition running throughout the summer with eight of Monet's cathedral paintings on show.

Amiens on the other hand is well worth avoiding…

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