Friday, 4 June 2010

Stunning weather, great place

I dropped into Wing Farm recently. It's a great little strip - challenging enough to make you concentrate, but not so difficult that the smallest of slips would lead to bent metal/wood/composite. Wing Farm sits in some stunning countryside, it's not far from Longleat House and Stourhead and is only a few miles away from Alfred's Tower, a useful landmark when trying to find it.

There's a fair bit happening on the ground too - Airborne Composites has its workshop there - inside Tim Dews and his team work their magic, and although they look after a number of motorgliders their real skill lies in repairing composite machines that look like they shoud never fly again. Tim does some very impressive work. Halfway up the strip you'll find Mark Jones and Galaxy Microlights - Mark runs a microlight repair shop, and is also one of the UK dealers for the UL206i engine - he's also involved in the restoration of a Gloster Meteor.

I love places like this, they're so much more than a few hundred metres of grass.

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