Saturday, 5 June 2010

Take off distance

The strip where the aeroplane is based is about 800m long. There may be trees at one end, a hedge at the other and a curved approach at both, but it is still more than long enough for the C812 at MAUW and probably more.

Coming out of Wing Farm a few days ago the runway looked shorter than its 500m suggested. No doubt the trees, house and hangar at the end of the strip didn't help. Detracting from the aircraft's performance was the fact that we were three up (all male - no jockeys) and that it was a warm afternoon. In our favour was the fact that we had a light load of fuel, that there was a 5kt+ breeze and that this particular runway had a slight (1.5%) downslope - it all helps.

The book said that it would be fine, but those big Poplar trees didn't look that far away.

In the end we were airborne and climbing away by about 350m.

Yes, I know I need to clean my screen.

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