Thursday, 3 June 2010

That was close

Yesterday I flew to Goodwood for a couple of meetings (great place, lots going on). I took off a little late from the strip thanks to some local lingering fog - visibility was probably 3000-4000m and improving as I headed south. It wasn't crystal clear, but it wasn't at all bad either.

I was looking for Colemore Common - a 400m microlight strip near Petersfield when it happened. I looked up (having been scouring the ground for the strip) to see a Hornet Moth crossing from left to right about 200' above me. There was no imminent danger of collision, but that was only down to the fact that our respective altitudes were a bit different rather than any great lookout by me (or the Hornet Moth's pilot too I guess).

I never did see Colemore Common, but I did spot this beautiful looking strip a little to its west. There was a lot going on, and I suspect that the Hornet Moth was heading for whatever event was taking place. I'll try to find out the name of the strip and see if it is available to visit.


Nigel Webb said...

Looks lIke West Tisted to me. (see Jonathan Smith's photos on facebook

Ian Seager said...

Thanks, just looked at Jonathan's pics and that's the one.

It looks fantastic from the air.