Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Think single with two engines

I had the chance to fly the Tecnam P2006T twin a few days ago.

It performs remarkably well considering the four-seat twin has just 200hp. The aeroplane delivers a relaxed cruise of 135kt, with a total fuel burn of just 38 litres per hour. Impressive stuff.

Looking at the specs it's hard to avoid comparisons with singles rather than twins - who'd buy a Piper Arrow instead of a Tecnam twin for example?

The low rental cost - Airways Flying Club has it on the line for £200/hr solo - should go a long way towards reinvigorating the PPL twin rating market, and well-managed groups of around say four or five people should provide economic touring with the added security of an extra engine over water and inhospitable terrain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,
Will Flyer being doing a review on the Tecnam P2006T, and being doing a feature on obtaining a MEP class rating?


Ian Seager said...

We certainly will, it's the cover story for our August issue.