Saturday, 12 June 2010

Visiting the past

I had occasion to fly into Stapleford recently. I've been there before, but I've usually jumped into a waiting taxi, or been met by someone. This time I had a couple of meetings at the airfield and took the time to grab a bite to eat before heading off again.

The cafe/bar/restaurant is a decent place - light airy and friendly and with a menu and specials board that has it just about right for a UK airfield - decent food at a fair price - it's not pretentious and it doesn't smell of stale chip fat, which can't be said for every destination.

Sitting outside I noticed a scenic flight board offering trips over London or around Essex. As a kid I used to cycle to Stapleford, and one day a friend's dad put his hand in his pocket and bought a couple of tickets for a local scenic flight for my cycling buddy and me. I can't remember a huge amount about the flight, but I do remember thinking that I wanted to learn to fly one day… perhaps that was where it all started?

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