Saturday, 3 July 2010

Alternative windsock

Friday was aviation medical day. As usual I'd managed to leave it until the last minute, so with my FAA class II expired and my CAA/JAA class II in its last 36 hours of validity I flew up to a convenient Davetry strip to see Dr Frank Voeten, an AME who handily does both CAA and FAA medicals.

I'm glad to say that both medicals were renewed - failing would have meant leaving the aeroplane there. The first flight of the new two-year validity period was a very pleasant, very smooth late evening trip back to Wiltshire.

My direct track took me through Brize and Lyneham. As I flew over Brize I spotted the Vulcan on the ground. I understand that it has had a recent two-hour test flight, although obviously it didn't get signed off by the CAA in time to display at Goodwood on Thursday.

A few miles away from the strip a farmer was handily having a bonfire, it gave me a hundred yard long windsock although there wasn't really any wind to speak of. On short final the rabbits scattered, leaving a nice smooth runway, and a great end to a great late evening flight.

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