Friday, 2 July 2010

Good fun at Goodwood

Yesterday was a five-leg day. It started with a short flight to Garston Farm to pick up FLYER's editor, Ian Waller. From there we flew to Goodwood to take a look at their new Aviation Show, which is running alongside the Festival of Speed.

Goodwood was its usual very organised, very friendly and very neat place. The courtesy coffee and bacon bap on arrival were much appreciated, as was the transport to and from the Festival of Speed (well, it would be silly to go all that way and not take a look). The Aviation Show itself was a pretty select affair, with Pilatus, Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft all having aircraft on display.

The Festival of Speed itself looked interesting, but with work looming in the background we didn't have time to fully appreciate the event.

As soon as the Hunter had finished displaying we were off to our next meeting, at Popham, and that was followed by a slightly rainy flight back to Garston and finally the strip.

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