Thursday, 8 July 2010

Leaning to the right....

I went flying yesterday, not so much a flight for fun, more one for transport. The weather was officially OK with TEMPO pants and when the time came to take off it was, surprise surprise, TEMPO pants. The destination forecast was OK but soon after taking off and setting course I could see the hills in the distance were merging with the cloud. Not my favourite kind of scud running, so cowl flaps open, prop fine, full power and trim for about 90.

The cloud base was 1,500' and the tops 3,500' so I only spent three minutes or so in cloud, but for whatever reason, those three minutes were filled with a strong sensation of banking to the right.

I don't usually suffer from the leans but today I did and, despite knowing what was going on, it was a pretty unnatural feeling.

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