Thursday, 15 July 2010

My inbox is suffering

With Farnborough and Oshkosh taking place in the next two weeks my inbox is groaning under the weight of hundreds of incoming press releases.

Those related to Farnborough are interesting for their almost uniform lack of interest. Typically they'll either refer to some kind of military system or to some upcoming corporate deal between two suppliers you've never heard of providing services you'll never need. Sometimes it's a press release just telling you that someone has decided to exhibit at Farnborough - hold that front page.

Oshkosh releases are a bit different, there's less about killing people and more about, err cars, music and film. For example there's an auction for an SR-71 being held during the event except that it's a unique Ford Mustang instead of the world's greatest aeroplane and there will be a couple of film debuts and some bands.

On a more serious note, I haven't heard about any significant GA announcements at Farnborough, but there are some rumours about Oshkosh... which if they're true will mean a couple of new aeroplanes from some established names...

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