Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rain, what's that?

I popped into Compton Abbas for some fuel and a cup of tea last night. I tuned in when turning at the western end of Salisbury Plain to hear - nothing - Compton were obviously very quiet (I was pretty sure that the radio was working) and then, within the space of just a few minutes, Compton got very busy with lots of arrivals for an evening fly-in.

When the time came to leave it was raining - I haven't seen that around here for a few weeks. It was only a short shower which in general is a good thing, hot dry days means that the grass on the strip doesn't grow much.

Not sure what the army/navy/air force were up to on Salisbury Plain but it was bloody busy with rotary traffic - a couple of Lynx aircraft (Navy I think) looked like they were in a hold at a couple of thousand feet above the strip.

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