Monday, 30 August 2010

Attitude indicator

I was hanging around a flying school recently. This particular school appeared to be modern, forward looking and well run. The instructors, students and ops staff were all friendly and helpful and the facilities were excellent.

There was of, course, a fly in the ointment and that fly worked in engineering. While I sat on my bar stool minding my own business an obviously frustrated character publicly strutted his stuff for all to see. Trying to make a sentence from the few words that made their way through the expletives, I figured that there was an issue with some paperwork. Something about logging flight time I think.

Whatever the detail, his actions suggested that it was serious - it seemed that if something wasn't entered in the right place on the right bit of paper that a wing would fall off, probably both wings actually.

He may (or may not) have had a point, but his public posturing did nothing to create a good relationship with the instructors. Who knows what the customers thought.

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