Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Engine woes...

I had an interesting chat with a couple of French pilots over the weekend. They were both longtime P210 owners, one had replaced his engine with a factory-new unit, the other with a factory zero-hour overhaul. They had something else in common, both of their aeroplanes were grounded with big engine problems. Both engines were making significant amounts of metal, and both would need to be replaced or rebuilt.

The zero-time overhaul engine had 450 hours on it and the factory-new had made it to 700 hours. P210 engines don't come cheap, and by the time they've been taken out, replaced and put back in there won't be any change from £30k. £66 an hour for an engine makes flying expensive; the pilot with the 450 hour engine was talking to TCM about a contribution to the cost.

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