Monday, 18 October 2010


I flew into Redhill last week. It was my first visit (by air) and I sort of expected it to be a bit of an issue. Redhill is one of those places that has a reputation. For some it is the fact that it sits in Gatwick's airspace, while for others it's the lack of a welcoming reputation - either way it isn't at the top of most people's 'must visit' list.

I called for PPR before setting off and whoever I spoke to couldn't have been more helpful or indeed friendlier. ATC (Redhill has a tower controller, not a FISO or A/G) was also friendly and professional and the fire crew made the handing over of the £20 landing fee as pleasant as possible. I only had time for a quick cup of tea, but the cafe looked like a decent place to enjoy a bacon sandwich.

It's not a destination in itself (let's be honest, few airfields are) but if you need to be somewhere in that part of the world, Redhill, on the evidence of one visit, fits the bill.

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Andy R said...

The only real issue being that the cafe closes at 15:00, which on a sunny weekend afternoon does little to attract GA visitors. Indeed, trying to get anything other than a cuppa after 14:40 is not easy at all.

However, the reputation for unfriendliness is unjustified.