Friday, 26 November 2010

Making aviation work

Emporia is a small town in Kansas with roughly 26,000 inhabitants. It is served by a small airport, Emporia Municipal (KEMP). It has one 5,000' hard runway and one 3,800' grass runway, pilot-controlled lighting, a VOR approach and a GPS approach to each end of the runway. There's an FBO and a self-serve, 24-hour avgas fuel pump. There's no tower, so pilots take care of their own radio needs.

It's a typical American airfield, small, not hugely busy and pilots are able to take care of their own needs from fueling, to lighting to radio comms. What's more, the facility is there and available 24 hours a day whether you need somewhere to land for fuel, or somewhere to stretch your legs (the pilot's lounge remains open, even when the FBO is closed).

Having facilities available like this means that aviation can be used as a business and transport tool, and that means that means more pilots, more aircraft and more economic activity…

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