Monday, 13 December 2010

In the blue corner

Stand by for a war of words and numbers. Highly respected online news organisation Avweb and highly respected member organisation AOPA USA are squaring up for, well, a bit of a ding-dong.

Just before AOPA Summit in November, AVweb ran a story commenting on AOPA's senior staff salaries, they went on to comment about AOPA's spending on aviation and other lobbying activities. Needless to say, AOPA reacted and discussions were held. The story was pulled, but not spiked. Instead, talks were promised and I believe that an exchange of views has taken place.

The next few days will see an AVweb update, and perhaps as a pre-emptive strike AOPA President Craig Fuller has written about AVweb in his blog.

AVweb has responded.

I wonder who'll be reaching for their lawyers first?

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