Wednesday, 15 December 2010

UK Harriers bow out

Over 80 have been built, they're operated by five different countries and today the UK retired its Harrier fleet. As Harrier test pilot John Farley said - the decision says a lot more about the UK than it does about the aircraft.

I've had the pleasure of working with John for a while now, he wrote a regular column for FLYER for a few years - each one carefully researched and crafted. If there were any more we'd publish them in an instant, but John's a man who knows his own mind, and when he decides that he's written enough that's it!

I've also had the honour of working with John on his book A View from the Hover. The first print run sold out pretty quickly and the second has just arrived back from the printers. This time it's in full colour and with an index. I delivered some to John a couple of days ago - and got him to sign a few while I was there.

This blog's not really an advert, but if you want to get hold of a signed copy. then give Charlotte in the FLYER offices a call and she'll sort it out for you.

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