Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Good

DynAero's Twin R. If they get anywhere near the performance claims for this then it'll be amazing. Powered by 2 x 100hp Rotax 912S engines the Dijon company claims that the twin will be capable of 198kt. Of course, it doesn't yet exist and when/if it does you'll have to build it - and 198kt is pretty quick in anything less than good VFR (kit = day/VFR in the UK).

The Bad

No, not US AOPA's CEO Craig Fuller, but the problems of leaded avgas in the future. Fuller, along with the other speakers at GAMA's lunch briefing mentioned 100LL and its shaky future. The powerful EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the US is about to publish a notice of proposed rulemaking - most doubt that the contents will specify a date for the end of 100LL, but it will almost certainly be a move in that direction.

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The Ugly

There are a few aviation truths - the certification process doesn't make aeroplanes lighter, aircraft sales people don't always tell the truth and diesel engines don't make aeroplanes prettier.

I'm sure a YAK52 with a V12 500ish HP diesel engine will go well, but it does make it look, well, ugly.
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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

AERO nearly here

I had a quick look around the halls in Friedrichshafen this morning. Like any exhibition there's a seemingly impossible amount of work left to do, but no doubt it will all come together a few minutes before the doors open.

Amongst other things, there's an interesting turbine kit helicopter powered by an APU, the electric Yuneec and some interesting avionics in the form of something called a Power FLARM. No doubt there's lots more, but I won't get a chance to have a full look until the show opens tomorrow.

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Monday, 5 April 2010

Still wet

Not the sky of course. The last two days have seen some good weather. Unlimited visibility, puffy clouds with a base that's more than high enough for the most conservative of occasional bimblers and a wind that's not too gusty. OK, that last bit might not be strictly true.

No mater how many times I walk the strip, I can't persuade myself that it's dry enough to not get damaged by use. Work tomorrow, Friedrichshafen on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Perhaps by the time I get back the ground will be firmer. Fingers crossed.