Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Red Bull 'resting'

The FLYER news story has a quote from a Red Bull spokesperson. From what I hear the 'consideration' has taken place and Germany will be the last event... Red Bull won't confirm that (yet), but if I'm wrong I'll drink a can of it!

Bose X no longer rules...

Believe it or not, the Bose X headset has been around since 1998, a pretty amazing fact in itself, but when you consider that it's a hi-tech product that has remained at the head of the market, it's astounding.

Yesterday, at 7.30 in the morning, Bose announced the retirement of the Bose X and the birth of its replacement, the Bose A20.

The A20 is available immediately and will retail, in the US, for $1,095... with Bluetooth - or $995 without.

EAA's new president

They don't rush things at the EAA. They've been looking for a new president and now, after a five-year search, they've found one.

Tom Poberezny, chairman and president of the EAA, today introduced Rod Hightower, who will become the EAA's new president on September 7th.

PS Poberezny is at the podium and Hightower is, err holding the baby - an interesting visual metaphor...

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Another market entrant?

There may be another entrant making its debut at Oshkosh. Like Cobalt, Korea Aerospace Industries is aiming for the single-engine, four- or five-seat market.

It's not yet clear if they'll have a mock-up of the aeroplane at Oshkosh, or even if one exists...

Coming up at Oshkosh...

The Cobalt is a new, five-seat, twin-tail design aimed at the high performance single market, originating in France. Oshkosh will be the first public outing for the design. More information to follow...

Kestrel and Klapmeier: the big news

The biggest news so far is Alan Klapmeier's involvement in the Kestrel Aircraft. I flew the prototype for a couple of hours on the way from Maine to Oshkosh and if the certification process doesn't change the aeroplane or increase the price too much, I think it'll be a winner.

The Kestrel makes other aeroplanes look old, and certainly look as if they belong to a previous era. I think we'll be hearing a lot more about the company; while they might be busy with the Kestrel, I hear that there's no shortage of plans for other projects too...

The FBO experience

Most airports in the US have an FBO (Fixed Base Operator). They 'pump gas', provide a pilot lounge, access to a computer and sometimes offer flight training and aircraft rental. They're variously family businesses, a chain or a multinational.

They're a major part of the aviation infrastructure and can make or spoil your day. On the way from Maine to Wisconsin we dropped into a couple. The FBO in Burlington has a BBQ every other Friday so we found ourselves invited to a hearty free lunch.

We wanted to buy a chart at the Flint FBO, but they didn't have any in stock, offering us the use of their crew car instead.

Location:N Walnut St,Appleton,United States