Thursday, 26 August 2010

Aquila gets Garmin

I was at the Aquila factory last week and saw their new demonstrator.

Until now buyers have been able top chose between a traditional analogue six pack, a Flymap equipped aeroplane or one with a pair of the excellent Aspen PFD1000s.

Now buyers will also have the option of choosing the Garmin 500 too. Taking the Garmin will cost you about $5000 more than the Aspens.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Not a great ATIS

Been a bit busy recently, hence the lack of posts here...will try to do better.

I took someone for their first couple of flights in a GA aircraft a week or so ago. Things started out well - the relatively early departure meant for still smooth air, and the slightly nervous chirps from the right-hand seat served to limit my angle of bank to less than 15 degrees (yawn). We were only flying for about twenty minutes, but it was a good introduction. However...

It was early afternoon when the time came for the return trip. The air had warmed up a bit and there were black clouds on the horizon, which given that the visibility had decreased significantly wasn't that far away. After starting up I tuned the ATIS to hear the words "Thunderstorms in the vicinity" or similar. It didn't put my passenger at ease, particularly as there was a big black cloud sitting off the end of the runway.

We took off and flew through some moderate rain - not so bad that it rained inside, a favourite trick of the Cessna's, but enough to make a bit of noise. The short flight that followed was a bit bumpy, nothing outrageous, but enough for my new to GA passenger to feel a little queasy, although personally I blame the airfield lunch!