Thursday, 9 September 2010

More Old Sarum history

After my Historic hangar entry, Tony French very kindly emailed me these entries from the 1934 edition of The Air Pilot (12s 6d). Excellent.

Static leak...

I took EW to RGV at Gloucester this morning for the biennial IFR checks. I'm in the habit of getting involved in the maintenance, so watching from a distance was interesting.

If the checks had been straightforward they wouldn't have taken long, but it seems that there's a bit of a static leak somewhere so that needs to be tracked down and sorted first...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

History hangars

I went to Old Sarum this morning. I dropped in on the way to work (a bit of a diversion, but hey it's an airfield) to take a few pictures.

I've known for ages that the hangars are listed, but to be honest I've never really bothered looking before. They date from 1917 when the airfield was opened as a training station for the Royal Flying Corps and the wooden roof trusses are amazing.

It turns out that they are Grade II* listed which I believe means they are 'particularly important buildings of more than special interest' - they're certainly well worth a look. In fact, if you haven't been Old Sarum itself is a great little airfield with a decent cafe/restaurant, self service fueling but more important than any of that, a friendly welcome.

The airfield website is here and there's some more historic informantion here on Wikipedia

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

LAA sticks to the basics

The 'It's not the LAA Rally' took place last weekend and I have to say it was a great little event.

With something like 800 aircraft flying in and three marquees of trade stands the event managed to combine a social event with a show that didn't take itself too seriously.

I understand that the event will continue to grow slowly and sustainably, which I guess means not betting huge amounts of money on a big event every year.

I'm a fan, events like the LAA Rally and Tankosh in Germany are much more fun than many of the stuffier, sparky, big money events.