Sunday, 12 September 2010

Will Daley's departure re-open Meigs?

In the early hours of March 30th 2003 the bulldozers rolled onto the runway at Meigs Field, Chicago, and dug X-shaped trenches along its length. Mayor Daley had won the fight to close the airport, and although the city was later fined by the FAA, he'd effectively got away with his bully-boy tactics.

Although some of the buildings (including the control tower) still exist, the airport has now been replaced by a park.

Daley will not be seeking re-election and that, combined with Obama's infrastructure rebuilding plan, has persuaded some that they may yet get a runway back at Meigs. AOPA US President Craig Fuller has taken an interest as have local pilots but the City of Chicago isn't showing any signs of closing the (quite popular) park and laying tarmac.

Much as I would love to use Meigs, I'm not holding my breath.