Friday, 28 January 2011

Airline joy

We're away this weekend. Getting to this particular event involves flying, and with a strong desire to be there I bought a couple of airline tickets a few weeks ago. The weather is too unpredictable and the freezing level too low to be able to guarantee attendance by C182. Inevitably the weather looks OK for flying, and inevitably we're figuring out exactly what we can and can't take while making sure that our liquids are in bottles no bigger than 100ml. The tickets came in at just over £200, and being tight (a useful trait in this economy!) I'm not willing to throw them away so that I can take the Cessna instead.

Next weekend we have meetings in Paris, and once again we can't afford not to be there. I've bought a Eurotunnel ticket for the car, but that was much, much cheaper - so if the weather's OK I think we'll be flying with oversize hand luggage and loads of liquids in lots of big bottles, just because we can.

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