Sunday, 23 January 2011

Trying too hard

The argument goes something like this…

I fly a XXX (insert appropriate LAA permit to fly type) and it’s powered by a Rotax 912S. It’ll cruise at XXX kt (add speed to taste) while burning about 18lph. The annual maintenance costs me about a fiver and I keep it in a barn on a strip that is usable for 12 months of the year. I tour extensively and there’s enough useful load for two people to go away for six weeks.

This is then countered with something like this…

Well yes, that’s all very well but I fly my XXX (insert appropriate…you get the picture) it is only ever at night and almost always in clouds. I need to be able to take four lardy people and their baggage, and although it burns more fuel I cruise at XXX kt. It gives me flexibility. Besides, if I owned a Permit machine I’d never do any of the maintenance because I can barely put up a shelf. I’d have to pay an engineer to do it all for me, so it wouldn’t save me a penny.

The trouble is, while each side continues to entrench its position with religious verve, the congregation fails to be either converted or educated because the proselytising is just so friggin tedious. There’s no one aeroplane that’s perfect for all, and finding the one that’s right for you means taking an honest look at your own needs and then educating yourself about all of the options out there. Beware of owners exhibiting missionary zeal.

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