Saturday, 19 February 2011

Road Warrior

Another airport another day (or night)... I've been doing a lot of waiting for flights recently (sadly, running a UK GA magazine isn't profitable enough to rent some funky, fast, de-iced aeroplane for weeks at a time in the USA) and have been spending some of my time people-watching. I've developed this theory - modern business travelers are really just modern day cowboys.

Rather than being dressed in chaps and spurs, the modern male cowboy wears beige chinos and blazer while cowgirls wear dark business suits, often keeping the spurs. They all strut their stuff on the concourse, a quick draw hand always poised to react as soon as their holstered Blackberry rings. The airport has its own much sought after nuggets of gold, in the form of power outlets - the business cowboys fight a battle with the bandits - roaming teenagers who plug in iPads or laptops for games, music or videos.

Those who have won, presumably by never losing a draw, often get to step out of the fight into special saloons with uniformed guards…

Have to go... my horse is just pulling up to its gate, yeeha…

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