Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Thoughts on recent some recent news

Sun 'n Fun is running, but rather than sunning myself in Florida I've been at my desk in Bath (lots to do and we have a flight training show in Amsterdam this weekend). It seems that there's a fair bit of news doing the rounds…here are a couple of the more interesting stories

1. Cessna announces the Corvalis TTx
Not sure what to make of this. The Corvalis hasn't really sold in big numbers when compared to its competitor the SR22. On the face of it the TTx doesn't deal with three big issues…the lack of FIKI (Flight Into Known Icing), the lack of an airframe parachute and the price. The new paint and new interior are great, but not really compelling enough. The real value that the TTx brings is Cessna's version of the G2000. This represents the latest in Garmin's line up, and sooner or later it'll make the G1000 seem a bit clunky. Cessna won't deliver the TTx until 2012, so how many people are going to be put off buying anything with a G1000 in the meantime? My guess is quite a few.

2. Diamond lay off D-Jet team
A few weeks ago Diamond Canada made a plea for the process behind a local government loan to speed up. It didn't and Diamond carried out its tacit threat to cut back staff and over 200 people found themselves out of a job. The D-Jet project (said to be 60% complete) has 'stalled' according to Diamond. If the money comes through the employees will be called back, but right now I imagine they're all out looking for jobs, probably in Vero Beach.