Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Aero Expo

You have to feel sorry for the organisers - the weather may yet change, but it doesn't look like we're set for a sunny Sywell. Right, where are my thermals?

What are they thinking?

Soon you'll need PPR to visit Alderney, Guernsey or Jersey with a GA aircraft.

A website has been created here to make it easier, but come on, is this sort of rubbish really necessary? Why is it people with runways, and let's not forget that the CI has a tonne of Class A and full ATC too, seem to have a problem with aeroplanes?


Here's part of a document that's been circulated

PPR is to be introduced as a temporary measure in 2011 and applicable to Special VFR flights arriving at all three Channel Island Control Zone airfields. The introduction of PPR will be used on a seasonal basis and during core hours. PPR forms a part of the wider traffic and workload management plan for ATC and is key to the continuing safe operation of the ATCC as mandated by the Director of Civil Aviation. PPR will be managed via an online/electronic and telephone helpdesk method.

Daily 30th June to October 2011
0800 to 1900 local time
Outside of these times no PPR

. Jersey ATC will ensure that PPR is applied in a fair and equitable fashion with every
reasonable endeavour to the continued provision of the ATC service to all airspace users.
. Jersey ATC will provide a telephone helpdesk during the hours of PPR operation to assist pilots in PPR and flight planning for the Channel Island Control Zone, enabling Jersey ATC to provide a better service to its customers.
. The Jersey ATC helpdesk will book PPR over the telephone for pilots who cannot or
choose not to access the online system.
. As a temporary measure, PPR will be reviewed on a weekly basis and a monthly
performance report will be submitted to the executive management at Jersey Airport. Jersey ATC has guaranteed that if the temporary measures of PPR are showing no benefit it will be withdrawn in part or completely.
. PPR is not applicable to aircraft operating under Instrument Flight Rules.
. PPR is not applicable to over flights, departing flights or those flights involved in local training flights.
. PPR is based upon slots of 30 minute periods. The available slots each day without any ATC restrictions is 264, consisting of 4 slots per hour in each of 6 sectors (further
explained on the website at )
. ATC will adjust the PPR rate at the tactical stage in response to unforeseen
circumstances, or prolonged periods of non VFR weather conditions in order to provide the best service to the customer.

. To safely manage the traffic levels in the Channel Islands Control Zone, by continuing to allow non scheduled/general aviation aircraft access to the Channel Island Control Zone in core periods and ensure that this service is fair and equitable for users.
. To work with and assist the non scheduled/general aviation section of our service to
ensure that it can be provided and managed effectively.
. To make traffic known to Jersey ATC. If traffic is known to the Air Traffic Service Provider then we can plan accordingly and minimise delays to all users by fitting aircraft into the plan.
. To keep pilot expectation of service delivery at a realistic level.