Thursday, 23 June 2011

Better get the prep work started

Towards the end of next week I'm off to Spitsbergen in the C182 with a group of French pilots. After reaching Tromso in northern Norway we'll have another 550 ish nm to do, most of it over the Barents Sea. I'll be wearing a survival suit and carrying a dinghy, but plan A doesn't involve using either. Tomorrow the aeroplane will get an oil change and a good look under the cowl. I'll also apply the high visibility orange 'invasion stripes' required by the Norwegians and check on the calibration of my JPI fuel flow meter. This (it's officially an FS450) is linked to the GPS, and gives all sorts of good information like fuel on board when you land, range and endurance. Particularly helpful as there's no alternate and the aeroplane doesn't hold enough fuel to get there and back.

I've got hold of most of the charts I need and have arranged to borrow a couple that are missing, I also need to get the O2 cylinder filled up - although I'd much rather fly the whole trip at lower level, but a full cylinder (like a full fuel tank) gives options, and options are always good.