Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A few quick (random) thoughts

Since getting back from Svalbard it's been hectic, particularly since Oshkosh beckons on Saturday. A few quick thoughts on some random aviation topics…

RAF Lyneham - According to the NOTAM the airspace will be suspended from today, and cancelled on September 30th. Liam Fox has announced that instead of being sold off, the site will re-open in 2013 as the home of the Defence technical training centre. I don't know if there will be flying from Lyneham in order to support that. It's a shame that a nice runway with lights, radar and an instrument approach is being lost to aviation.

BAA will have to sell Stansted and Glasgow or Edinburgh - This isn't something that greatly concerns me, but since BAA staff refused me permission to land at Edinburgh I'm happy that the people concerned might find themselves with new bosses, and those bosses might know a bit more about aviation.

Oshkosh - Only a week away, and the press conference invitations are coming thick and fast. So far no indications of any major announcements, although the Sennheiser S1 will officially break cover and Jeppesen will unveil the next version of Mobile TC which should bring enroute charts to the iPad. I'm sure there'll be more…

AirNavPro - as far as the UK/Europe is concerned this is really the only flight planning/GPS app available for the iPad. It has some good points, but the underlying airspace database is less than perfect, and it is far from intuitive. In a field of one it's the best, but it could be so much better, and so much easier.

PPR in the CI zone - What were they thinking? Clearly they weren't, and we now have a ridiculous system in place, albeit temporarily. My guess is that it will remain as those behind it aren't big enough to back down and risk losing face. The ability to (genuinely) admit a mistake and make changes as a result is a quality that's missing from many in senior roles these days.

More from Airventure next week