Thursday, 3 November 2011


A couple of years ago we went on an organised flying tour of Tunisia. We had a great time and met some great people. Madeleine and Fernand (centre and right above) were there with their Cessna 210. They were in their early 70s but lived life as if they were in their 30s. Madeleine only stopped talking to laugh.

Later we spent a weekend at their house in Rouen, we enjoyed good food, good wine and great company.

Time passes quickly, we left a couple of messages and didn't hear back, we assumed they were busy.

This week we tried to get in touch again and sent some emails to the local aeroclub.

Madeleine and Fernand took off from Rouen for Montpellier on February 26th 2011. Climbing through FL140 in the vicinity of Aigle VOR something happened and one of the Centurion's wings came off. The report has yet to be published, but I'm told there was icing and CBs in the vicinity.